Warbler Guide – Quick Finders

To my birder following: Welcome to warbler heaven!

Click the image below (or the linked post title) to be taken directly to Princeton University Press’ downloadable quick finder references from The Warbler Guide.

There are bird sides, faces, backs, and just about every position you can imagine. At the very least, you will want to have your very own laminated field copy of all the cute little warbler asses (like below), because if you’re like me, that’s usually all the migrants give you to go on.

I prefer the .PDF versions (to .JPG’s) because I can zoom in more easily when comparing species on my desktop computer’s giant flat screen.

Undertails-Quick-FinderCourtesty of: The Warbler Guide

Happy Studying and Birding!
Only a couple of more months until warbler migration…

Dark Sky Yearning

(Feature photo courtesy of: Dark Sky Int’l,
photographer Tyler Nordgren)

It’s been a month already and I’m still longing to get back to The Big Bend. The stars of west Texas — absent from my own light-washed sky near Houston — have been burned into my retinal memory and haunt my dreams. I can’t see them here, but I know they’re there. I am thankful for the talents of time lapse photographers like Kenneth Edwards below so that I can visit the sky virtually, whenever I feel the need.

I can’t wait to get back to TBB. Counting the days…

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