Spring Babies, Blog Update


 “Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” ~ Hans Christian Andersen

On a Personal Note

We are officially ‘off’ for the summer with lots to be done — and savored — off-line. New posts will lag for the time being. Though I strive to keep to once-per-week posting, I never promised they would all be new.

So, for you email followers…

Reading from within your inbox, you may have noticed fewer posts arriving. This is because I’ve been re-posting from the archives. It is a lazy blogging effort on my part and won’t result in anything landing in your inbox. (They’ve already been delivered, remember?) Visit or bookmark the blog (https://www.dirtnkids.wordpress.com) at any time to see what’s new (or not).

For you registered WP bloggers…

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Vegan Holy Grail! Chocolate Cake, an FAQ


I did it. I found the Holy Vegan Grail: chocolate cake. It’s been since just before Valentine’s Day I finally discovered this very easy recipe, but it was so unbelievable for my longing taste buds, I had to make it again (and even a third time)…to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

*pinch* Nope. Still awake.

Cake for breakfast anyone? (Yes, please!)

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Portrait of a Caffeine-Deficient Mom

Pencil drawing by John of Dirt N Kids

This is one of my favorite drawings that my son whipped up one morning while I stood there bitching about the empty coffee pot, waiting for what seemed like an eternity for my crack-caffeine to drip out. He showed it to me, shrugged it off as random scribbling, and promptly threw it in the trash.


I retrieved it, smoothed the wrinkles, and scanned it for the archives, adding it to the ever-growing pile of other ‘masterpieces.’

It’s such a loving, adoring portrait of his mother before she’s had her morning cup of coffee. Wouldn’t you say so?

Forgive me that I’m re-sharing some of my old posts.
Still off of blogging for a bit.

Happiness With A House Finch


“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.” ~ Richard Bach

This is my first encounter with House Finches on the back porch. They don’t usually let me get close enough for photos, and I almost always am relegated to inside the kitchen with field lenses to view these beauties. They are very skittish and fly off with the slightest detected movement forward; for once, they stayed.

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