Portrait of a Caffeine-Deficient Mom

This is one of my favorite drawings that my son whipped up one morning while I stood bitching about the empty coffee pot, waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the  crack-caffeine to drip out. He showed it to me and promptly threw it in the trash as another random scribbling (there are many).


I practically dove into the bin. I smoothed the wrinkles, scanned it for the archive, and added it to the ever-growing pile of his other ‘masterpieces.’

It’s such a loving, adoring portrait of his mother before she’s had her morning cup of coffee. Wouldn’t you say so?

24 thoughts on “Portrait of a Caffeine-Deficient Mom

  1. What an artist and I can so relate to the subject. It’s cool that you posted this – what an awesome mom you are. I have no artistic talent, but I’ll never forget the art show my mom held for me and my brothers in our backyard. My mom posted our art and invited neighbors to come and look at it. Despite my horrid drawings, the neighbors all loudly praised my work making me feel wonderful. Celeste 🙂


    1. Our mothers were awesome like that, weren’t they? And I had a multitude of mothers involved in my raising — so different from what my kids are getting. I had not one, not two, but THREE opportunities for discipline when I screwed up. LOL And I got three times as much love, too.

      My hope is that my son will develop his talent further. It comes easy to him, naturally. Thanks for the warm comment!


  2. fanastic..as usual…If he doesnt end up working with his talent it will be a shame!!!
    kkep em coming girl! PS yes I have finally clicked! lol


    1. Thanks! You have yet to be introduced to the “Misadventures of Hyper-Guy” and “General Chaos”, his most popular comic series (his friends at school make him do it regularly). He’s probably ready for his own blog.


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