Blogger Award Nominations – Thank You!

There are no awards given for good parenting.  There really should be.

Last I checked, there isn’t a single award or trophy given for efforts to make a home more sustainable or energy-efficient — another missed opportunity.

Bowling or tennis league?  Nah, I’m just not into team sports.

How about sarcasm? Now, there’s something I might just work for, perhaps dedicate a shelf for it.

Up until now, my life has been award-less.

DirtNKids got nominated for an award last week. Just days later, another award nomination hit the inbox. I had no idea there was even such a thing to be had, much less two. Turns out, there are even more dangling in the ether — “gold stickers” I’ve heard them called. Some are less or more attainable than others, depending upon the WordPress circles I choose, but I’m pretty selective of the circles I keep.

Cool thing is, no real work was done to get them. (How lucky for me.) I continue to do what I do, just because I do it, then blog about it when I have time to keep loved ones up-to-date. Even though DirtNKids is technically a public realm (anyone can get to it on the World Wide Web), it is not public within the WordPress world (purposely limiting traffic on my site), and kinda public on a Google search. More than half of my Followers have never even met me. Apparently, a couple of them think enough of me to nominate me for an award. So let me say,

I am honored to be nominated!  
Thanks so much for having faith in me and what I do.
I sincerely appreciate it. 

* * *

versatile (adj) — able to adapt to different functions or activities.
The Versatile Blogger Award nomination came from Small Space Big Harvest.   I found Libby through the WordPress “dating system” as I searched for more wacky people like myself.   They just knew we would get something from each other — turns out they were right.  Libby has an equal love of dirt except her garden is much prettier than mine is.(Libby, you should know that I ate not one but two entire baked eggplants in one sitting this week.  I’ve been salivating since your last post.  So consider yourself nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award as well!  You certainly deserve it.)

creative (adj) — having a good imagination or original ideas.

Kodak Kerouacs nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.  Mary and Valerie speak my language!  They believe that there is still a place in this frenzied, immediate-gratification digital world for us slow types.  Their thing is flexible photographic emulsion (a/k/a/ film).  They make me proud I never gave away the ’73 Canon A1 35mm that got me started with photography.  Among other clever posts, How-To Tuesdays keep me both informed and giggling.

(Oh, and girls, consider yourselves nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I don’t know why you haven’t gotten it yet.  Knock yourself out!)

A note about my being creative.  People rarely accuse me of being a creative type. It’s more truthful to call me a clever copier, any creativity surfacing only as I work to improve upon a process developed by someone else, tweaking a thing here-or-there, making it slightly better or more efficient to suit my own, selfish needs (I’m super lazy). In the event I’m accidentally creative, it only means that I messed up so royally on something that what resulted was also quite unexpected. Like that guy who messed up on his adhesive formula who wound up inventing the Post-It Note, only I never made millions on any of my screw-ups. Damn my luck.

Rules for both the Versatile Blogger and Kreativ Blogger awards:

  1. Recognize the nominating blogger and the award
  2. Nominate 7 bloggers for the award(s) and notify them
  3. Share 7 fun facts about myself (I’ll double, since I got two awards)

Down to it — my nominees.  Drum roll, please!  I don’t have a particularly long blogroll, as you can see, so I’ve kept to these seven because other bloggers I follow either have these awards already, or they simply don’t care to participate in the activity. Take it or leave it, it’s entirely up to you. You should all know that I think very highly of you as a person (or people) and I consider you tremendously talented, creative and versatile bloggers in your own right.  Thank you all for what you do!

Krista and Jess
$35 a Week Project
222 Million Tons
Childhood Relived
She’s a Maineiac
Sustain Blog by Nicole Brait
Mom in the Muddle

* * *

On My Versatility

  1. There’s something about being in the sky that appeals to me. I used to skydive.  I have several hours logged in non-powered flight (sail planes).  One beautiful day while in the northeast visiting my future-husband, I was able to stay aloft in one of the most beautiful areas of New Hampshire for nearly 3 hours.  What finally grounded me was that I really, really had to pee.  I didn’t learn about Depends until later on.

2. I was a professional singer in the early 90’s. My acoustic/electric trio was the house band (outside, on the deck) for a popular restaurant in Houston, and I even had groupies. (A few of them follow this blog, but they’re the weirdo kind.) I can sing just about any Aretha Franklin song and prefer blues and rock; I sing best when I’m drunk (I’m told). I’ve never been nominated for a Grammy.

3. A smoker for 13 years, I finished my two-pack-a-day habit of Camel no-filters nearly two decades ago. I started again briefly during a particularly stressful semester of engineering final exams, but — learning I was pregnant — quit straight away and never started back up. Best thing I ever did for my body.

  1. My best friend is a guy. He used to be my husband’s best friend, but I stole him away, yes I did. He was more suited as my best friend than my husband’s anyway.

  2. Other than various volunteer awards, the only merit award I ever received was Student of the Year for my college’s chapter (regional for the state). I worked very hard for that one. It hangs on my wall.

  3. Saris are my dress of choice for formal functions. Each time I’m amazed I can even still wrap one (thank goodness for YouTube). I own four. They are the most beautiful, sexy, comfortable gowns I have ever worn.

  4. While relaxing on the beach in a foreign country, I witnessed (over the pages of my novel) a jet-skier wrecking on a wave and knocking himself unconscious. Without thinking — reactionary only — I sprinted to the water, swam out in huge waves, flipped him face-up, and carried a very heavy, apparently dead carcass to the shore  I barked orders at the gawking locals in their own language to call for help. My husband said later it was like watching a Baywatch episode – except in a foreign language and no big boobs. Turns out I saved that man’s life. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

On My Creativity

  1. When something needs to get built or “fixed,” I tend to use what I have on hand. My functioning Frankenstein is rarely pretty or recognized as what was intended, or when it doesn’t work, gets painfully separated back into recyclable trash nuggets.

  2. Anyone who’s worked in my kitchen (it is a beautiful kitchen) knows how weird it is. I’ve discovered several creative ways to accentuate its “good points” (there aren’t many) to minimize my own stress when I am working in it. It’s gotten me through more than 5 years of feeding many mouths and several large family gatherings, prepping veggies on less than 3-sq-ft of counter space and a fridge door that just barely opens fully. I can avoid the remodel and 6 weeks without so much as a dishwasher, but I reserve the right to bitch about it when I want.

  3. I wear the same three-to-four outfits over and over again. (I have a couple of favorite shirts that are older than my 16-yr marriage). I own one pair of tennis shoes, one pair of nice sandals, one pair of 20-yr-old, $250 Italian dress shoes (for suits), and several flip-flops, one of each color.  I mostly wear the $2 flip-flops. Hot pink gets worn out fastest, followed by black (because it just goes with everything).

  4. I’m most comfortable in a bikini top and hippie-short-shorts. I’m bummed that I can’t dress this way all the time (like at my kids’ school). My neighbors either love me or hate me when I’m on the lawn tractor for an hour every week. But I don’t care.

  5. I line a Baby Bjorn potty with a #5 diaper (to keep from sloshing) for pee-pee on the go on road trips. I’ve used it in the past to avoid dirty Exxon stations with a baby, two toddlers and a pre-schooler in tow, or when stuck in nasty traffic jam. My friends with little ones love this trick.

  6. In order to make room in my small fridge for food (we eat a lot of fresh), I’ve adapted to drinking room-temp beer stored in the pantry. I always keep 2-3 cold ones for guests, though, and for me after doing 2 hours of yard work (so nice to slam a cold one after all that).

  7. My version of heaven is a fresh-chopped-garlic-basil-and-cold-pressed-virgin-olive-oil sauce with toast (preferably hard, stale bread). You’d think I was eating expensive chocolate as I gobble up this concoction. This habit once saved my life.

11 thoughts on “Blogger Award Nominations – Thank You!

  1. Congrats on your award and thanks for the shout out!

    There are too many things to comment on here. I never thought about skydiving and peeing at the same time. See, this is something that would happen to me for sure. Probably five minutes into the dive.

    Also, you saved a man’s life?! I think that probably qualifies as the most interesting and awe-inspiring things I’ve ever read when someone lists things about themselves on their blog. WOW!! I am so impressed!!! You are incredible.

    I hear ya on wearing the same outfits. Course here it’s gotta be jeans and fleece every day or I’d freeze to death. (with flip flops naturally….)

    Warm beer? My husband LOVES warm beer. Blech, phooey phooey. You’re both nuts. I can only drink it if it’s in a frosty mug with dry ice vapors swirling around it.


  2. Shannon, Wow. Sky diving and Bay Watch! I am impressed, I had no idea. Got to love a can-do kind of girl! Franconia is beautiful, I agree. Even though the old man is gone. Thank you so much for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Your posts never fail to put a smile on my face. Keep up the good work!


    1. Aw, I hadn’t heard about the Old Man!! I guess Mother Nature rules us all, doesn’t she? That was a beautiful landmark.

      That goes double for you, Libby. If we work together perhaps “gardening” can finally its own permanent place in WordPress topics. So wrong that it’s not there already…!/topics/


  3. Well, it’s bout time you were gifted with awards! When we first bought this old cottage of ours..we gutted the kitchen and lived in our camper, just outside the kitchen door ~ When it came time that year for fairs (llamas you know) we just packed up the “house” and went…classy right? National Lampoon has nothing on us! 🙂
    Congratulations! Whoot Whoot!@


    1. Hey Jess! You must know you were on my original list, but I reluctantly axed you when I discovered you already got the awards. I put someone else in your place. My readers should certainly be advised that you are among my top 10 for sure. I’ll toot your horn in another way, say, a featured post just for llama lovers.


  4. Oh, you are funny! Man, I wish I could still wear a bikini. It looks like a 90-year-old man’s face. Such a shame. The diaper trick IS great but thankfully I won’t need it until I have grandkids. And after reading Angie’s comment, I just have to see her kitchen. 50s? I would love it.

    Thanks for the blogging love and congrats to you! Your posts are always fun, inspiring, and your photos amazing.


    1. On bikini, it helps that I’m pretty skinny already, though gravity is taking even the things that weigh least on my body (my mid-chest region). I’m very careful not to bend over as my stomach skin folds nicely into an accordion package (four pregnancies will do that to you!). It forces me to stand up straight — that, and trying to look more chesty than I am.

      And thank you, Karen. I’m so glad Angie match-made us. I’ve enjoyed your blog very much!


  5. I feel so special as I already knew several of these about you! The diaper-lined potty pee trick might be the greatest tip I ever learned from a fellow mom. I owe you big time for that. I knew about the lukewarm beer. You should call it “European-style”.

    My kitchen was built in the ’50s, with the original stove and oven, and is the only part of our house that we haven’t recently remodeled. It’s adorable. But functionally it’s a nightmare. I cannot stand the idea of being without a kitchen for weeks and weeks and so I’ll continue to bitch about it, knowing it’s my choice for not doing anything about it. Does this all sound familiar?

    You are a superwoman! I’ve already thought that but this list confirms it.

    Lazy? What ever are you talking about?

    Congrats on your awards (you deserve them) and thank you so much for the nomination!


    1. I’m certain you’ve been nominated already, but I just couldn’t “confirm” it. So there you are!

      Funny how women can really relate to a crappy kitchen. A 50’s kitchen? Oh, do give me a look-see! I’d love to have an eye on that stove/oven — you just notched a level up from me and my dilemma.

      Super-woman? Nah. I pick and choose (even volunteering at school) the things that give ME pleasure. I’m hyper-efficient and process-improving because my only goal every day is to do absolutely nothing. Of course, that rarely happens. LOL

      Thanks for helping me, Angie, out as I forayed into the world of blogging. It’s been an adventure to say the least. I sincerely owe you a debt of gratitude.


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