Stupid Guy Cartoon

Lacking any creativity of my own today, I chose to borrow instead from the kid file, “Stupid Guy” series.  These cartoons rarely disappoint.

Today, Stupid Guy finds himself on a walk in the park.  It appears someone has left some chocolate behind.  Or maybe it just looks like chocolate.

I apologize for the tween potty humor.  It’s my understanding, however, that his “Stupid Guy” series (not to be confused with “Hyper Guy” of last year) is quite popular in the school cafeteria.  As for the stick figures, he says they are his answer to a quick presentation — from mind to paper in less than 10 minutes.

Have a great day … and don’t eat the steaming chocolate.

18 thoughts on “Stupid Guy Cartoon

  1. You told me about this one before so I’ll admit I knew the punchline…and yet I kept reading 🙂 Such a quintessential boy thing to come up with. Although, I once wrote a short essay in 1st grade about how I eat poop every day. (I did it to impress a boy though who had just gotten through with drawing poop on my drawing of a horse.) I recall my essay ended up at parent-teacher conferences that year.


    1. Yeah, I think I mentioned this one a while back in a comment. You WOULD remember!

      You know? I do recall reading your post on the poop-eating and horse drawing! Going back to search for it now, I realize it was back in my very EARLY days of blogging, back when I was not clicking “likes” so much because I had no idea what I was doing. You should know that I just LIKE’d it, ’cause I really did and still do. (I remembered it being hidden somewhere in that Garfield post, which was also delightful, but I turned out to be wrong. For my readers, be sure to indulge in some Angie talent, linked below.) 🙂


    1. This is roughly my 5th post “recommended” by WordPress in others’ writing processes. Thank goodness I’m not PUBLIC — I can only imagine how many would get thrown out there.

      I struggle to make the connection between my post and others’, this one in particular, and question whether the author’s are even checking it out first to confirm relevancy prior to posting.


  2. At twenty-something, potty talk still prevails … I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s coded on the “y” chromosome.


  3. Like all of your son’s work, this resonates with me on a very deep level. When he’s famous, I’ll be able to look down on the other fans and say I’ve been following him since the days of the Stupid Guy series (unless, of course, they were readers of Hyper Guy).


    1. I regret I have not yet posted any of his Hyper Guy series. It requires that I open last year’s “school work” box, which I still have neglected to sift through and purge (not everything is worth keeping). That may prove to be a summer activity. Glad you liked it!


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