Visit From a Deer Friend (Video!)

To some of you, this is just another boring video of a deer eating weeds. Not for me.  Like the pawing and fawning over a newborn baby just brought home to meet the family, we ooo and aaahh at every sighting. I consider myself a baby mama — I love all babies. And lacking any babies of my own anymore, I borrow from Mother Nature when I can. Mother Nature’s babies don’t need tending or money for college.

Once in the morning, again in mid-afternoon, one last time at dusk a couple of white-tailed deer have been spotted grazing our sanctuary by the creek. Last year, we watched twin fawns come up on our property; one made it, the other one (we think) didn’t. We are told that deer are hard-wired to return to the place where they were born to raise future young. Could this be the case?

The figs are not quite ripe yet. When the fruit is ready, I’m bettin’ we’ll know for sure.

Welcome back, deer friend. Shawn, Shawna, pregnant or not doesn’t matter. We certainly are glad to have you back.

2 thoughts on “Visit From a Deer Friend (Video!)

  1. It must be wonderful to wait with great anticipation for a sighting, then to sit quietly by as he/she nibbles…something you and your dear family will talk about for years to come. Aaah, there are memories made.


    1. It is! As you know, we have no pets. Only the wild variety that we get to experience. It is such joy.

      By the way, my dad feels it’s not only a “she,” but she may be either pregnant or just dropped a fawn of her own. The saga continues!


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