Green Anole: Battle for King of the Floatie (Video!)

There are no shortage of reptilians on our property.  My favorite of the scaled critters has to be the green anole.  These guys have real personality!  Their “battles” for territorial conquest are too entertaining not to share.  No blood, no death, just a respectful little dance that ends well – the one with the most stamina gets to stay.

King of the Floatie!

17 thoughts on “Green Anole: Battle for King of the Floatie (Video!)

  1. I miss my anoles. I had two when I was a kid — Willie and Wilhelmina. I think one of them lived two years and one lived to be three. I caught bugs for them in the backyard in the summer and in the winter they survived off of meal worms. Barely. They hated meal worms. I do remember that little piece of skin by their eye would turn dark green when they got worked up about something. I noticed that in your video with these guys.


    1. What a great little pet-caregiver! We would kill any reptilian pet, I’m afraid, so I’ve convinced my kids to enjoy the ones we have outside. There are a few regulars on our back porch – so regular that the kids can catch and carry them around a bit (open, on a shoulder, not caged in the hand). They seem to “understand” that we’ll always put them right back again. Strange.


      1. Willie used to ride around on my shoulder. I actually got mine at a pet store as we don’t have anoles around my part of the world. It would break my heart now to take one from his home outside to live in an aquarium. It sounds like your kids already get to enjoy them as surrogate pets without having to do so.


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