Teaser: Top Ten Reasons to Go West

10 — Dirt and Kids got separated for a whole week for the first time ever.  A crazy generous brother and sister-in-law invited all four kids over to “Cousin Camp 2013” over spring break week so that Mom and Dad could have a 2nd honeymoon of sorts.  So very. Super. Awesome.

9 — Adding a few more beautiful and regional birds to my life list.   

8 — Colorado Springs is a mecca for range-fed beef, bison, and elk — some of the best meat in the nation.  Okay, so that may be great for others, notsomuch for us.  The falafel sandwich and dolma shop in Manitou Springs, though, saw us several times throughout the week.

7 — Driving “through” a mountain rather than around it.  There’s just something exiting about going through tunnels meant for trains on a previously-ripped-up-railroad-turned-dirt-road with the windows and sunroof open.  That and the combination of snow and mud gets the 4-wheel drive with Texas plates very, very dirty.

6 — The ever-popular white-out snow storm on a 10-hr highway drive.  Southeast Texans just don’t know what fun and excitement they’re missing.

Welcome to Colorado
Welcome to Colorado

5 — Six days with nothing to do but plan the next kid-less day hike or quiet country drive.  Perhaps I should have moved this to the #1 spot.

4 — Temperatures of a comfy 15-20 degrees to hike in.  The first couple of days were shared with only coyotes, bunnies, and birdies on the trail, since apparently no other two-legged variety was up to it.  It warmed up to the 60’s toward the end.

3 — Getting up-close and personal with wolves and foxes.

2 — Hiking up mountain trails in a foot of fresh powder snow with no one around.

1 — The daily grind. It doesn’t suck.

Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak
Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak

Stay tuned for the next Colorado Springs post…with photos.

10 thoughts on “Teaser: Top Ten Reasons to Go West

    1. Magical place it is. It is the number 2 state in the country on a happiness-scale. I can certainly see why!

      Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana: NEXT on my travel list.


    1. We’re hoping to do a swap in return, so they can have a week off together. We may make it a habit. Our kids are the same ages so get along brilliantly. Three boys, three girls.

      PS — he wouldn’t take the $$, though at the risk of breaking etiquette rules, I did try! Four extra mouths to feed can cost some dough (both my boys now eat foot-long subs). They did, however, stray from their vegan diets. We stuck to ours, local challenges welcomed and conquered.


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