Colorado Springs — A Break from the Chaos

This will serve as a photo post to our fabulous trip.  The Top Ten Teaser has already seen two weeks in between.

First, the annual school fundraiser — for which I’m in charge of the outdoor carnival portion — is in full planning mode.  Combine that with the not-so-timely “Spring Marathon” in my own yard, and sprinkle in an impending house remodel which requires moving into an apartment…I just want to throw my hands up in the air and wave the white flag.    There’s also that pesky thing call eating and sleeping that I have to shoe-horn in somewhere in all that mess.

On the upside, we’ve really been enjoying the resident barred owls bantering back and forth by the creek the last several days.  Not to mention the bald eagle that dined in our yard for the first time, owl mating calls are a new phenomenon here, beckoning us to open windows at night and get that outdoor camping feeling — right from our comfy beds.

Here’s my video-capture of one in our backyard.  I’m guessing it’s the male, since the females are typically back at the nest, tending the owlets this time of year.

Alas, no calling, though.  That’s really the best part.  So be sure to check this out, from the good folks at Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Barred owl calls are wickedly eerie, will wake you out of a dead sleep for sure if you don’t know what it is. We especially love hearing this when camping.

For tomorrow morning, it’s a pre-dawn wait at the local grocer to buy up every single day-after-Easter confetti egg I can get my hands on. These little gems and silly string are the biggest sellers at the carnival in a couple of weeks.  Minivan is minus a middle seat and emptied for the haul-off.

You get the picture, and you can expect more of that for the next several months. Please forgive my blogging absence in the meantime.

Now, off to the yard. I have a lasagna bed to build and the tomatoes and peppers are waiting on me.

Dirt”No”Kids – Colorado Spring Spring Break Album

Click on the picture to be taken to the Picasa Web Album.
There are 42 photos with captions, and you’re welcome
for not putting them all in this post!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, and
Happy Gardening, everyone.

8 thoughts on “Colorado Springs — A Break from the Chaos

    1. If I were a super hero, they would call me Dirt Girl. I get my energy from the soil, the air, the trees, the…anything outside. In winter, I’m pretty lame and boringM Clark Kent-ish.

      That trip to the mountains? 6-mo recharge. I’m good through summer now. Off to the soil!


    1. Thanks! Some lasagna work will be done here, but as we are moving too (temporarily, into an apartment), much of my focus will be on the balcony — and a variety of edible wicking beds. Tomatoes, cukes, and peppers will remain here where they will need no management from me, save the daily harvest. Lasagna-grown plants are good that way.

      Stay tuned!


  1. You must be busy too…I miss your gardening posts. Hope to see more of you soon!

    I can only imagine the excitement Jefferson felt when Lewis and Clark returned with their findings on the newly acquired west. It’s still a magical place!


  2. Shannon, I really love this post. Loved the Cornell video of the Barred Owl too. Superb photos. You are really an amazing landscape photographer. Thanks for sharing all of your photos.


    1. Thank you for the kind compliment. It’s difficult to take bad photos with such a forgiving landscape. That barred owl call is really something, isn’t it?


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