11 thoughts on “Bluebird Brings Happiness

  1. A lovely, spirit lifting post, 🙂 I have made some real progress with my dreaded essay today so I am celebrating by catching up with some of my WordPress ‘pals’. Long overdue!


    1. I know heat you mean. The blog took a bit of a back burner the past couple of months, and it’s not looking to let up any time soon. Packing and gearing up to move and start a 3-mo house remodel. Joy!

      But I’ve always got something cooking in the garden. And no shortage of nature here to lift my spirits. Keeps me outside!


    2. So glad you took the time to stop by! That’s a spirit-lifter too. You’re a bigger one than I to be in school (assuming you’re doing essays in school). My best to you in that endeavor.


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