Bird of the Month: Rufous

She’s so very little, only about two inches tall, feisty…and fast.  Shooting her with a still camera is frustrating and exhausting; by the time I get to the camera set-up, all I get is her back side and a big blur as she zooms away.  So much more fun to zoom in and just press record.  

So we secretly video’d her taking a bath and doing her morning calisthenics.  That’s not illegal, is it?

17 thoughts on “Bird of the Month: Rufous

    1. Thanks, Ann. I am so very envious of the bird-banding; perhaps one day we can make one with the kiddos. I can’t imaging “working with” these little guys — they seem so very small and fragile. I hope you don’t mind that I put the link to Bob’s post here ( in case anyone wants to see just how little these guys are. An Anna’s at bands in Ann’s hands. What alliteration!


    1. How did I know you’d love that? I’ll have to work in the Calliope Hummingbird story somewhere too. Though she’s kinda boring (compared to Rufous), she is no less stunning — a rarity in the Houston area! When Rufous is drinking, Calliope just sits across from her and STARES HER DOWN the entire time. Ooo…I really do hope to get video of that.


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