Wishing for Spring: Photo Series Animation

I’m overdue for a silly kid post.  So here you go.  You’re welcome.

Makes ya wanna get wet, huh?  

How about if I told you that the inlet well water filling the pool bladder this particular May daywas a warm and toasty 45 degrees? Notice how they’re not exactly all rolling around in it.

Jumping out and getting a warm towel is more my style.

8 thoughts on “Wishing for Spring: Photo Series Animation

  1. How delightful! Ah yes…. the warmer weather canNOT get here soon enough. And just to put a new perspective on it, my bedroom windows are frozen shut! Oh the fun of living in the north. 😉 Thanks for this fun cheer for summer (or at least warmer weather!) ~Gina


    1. Oh, I know, Gina. The previous commenters here are all enduring pretty chilly conditions while we enjoy a milder climate on the Gulf Coast (it’s 37 today, but humidity is still in the 90’s%). We are starting more seeds indoors today. March 20 can’t get HERE soon enough — that’s when my garden officially springs into action!

      Stay warm, lady. Thanks for coming by.


    1. Yes, horrible winter-y weather for you guys up there in the NE. I do actually feel a bit sorry for you. My kids, however, wish they could have some snow down here to build a snowman with. They keep dreaming…


    1. Funny thing is I actually worked on doing this very thing when I uploaded these photos back in 2012…and couldn’t get it to work no matter how hard I tried. I just wish I knew what I did so that I could do it again!


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