Welcome Spring

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
~ Lao Tzu

The first day of spring means different things to different beings. To the geese in the opening photo, it’s about securing a mate for the season. A male wren is busily wooing his mate into our garage by building a nest on the pegboard and singing his song loudly every morning. Every year so far. The kids are hoping a She-Wren will see what a lovely spot it is and they’ll raise another brood that we can enjoy from a distance.

I already have my mate, and thank goodness those days are over. I move on, then to more important things on my list:

  • change the blog header for something more…spring-y
  • shave my legs before the shorts come on regularly
  • wash windows and screens as a clean, unobstructed views outside is essential for mental health
  • purge, purge, purge; if it ain’t gettin’ used, let it GO so that it can be again

And don’t forget to enjoy and soak it all in. Pretty soon, temps will be solidly back in triple digits.

Then there’s the garden. Oh, how I’ve missed it. Being away from the house most of last year relegated the plant-able area to a mere 4-ft x 4-ft mound. Today, it looks more like Sanford and Sons than an edible wonderland.

Micro Garden
Micro Garden

After flipping the compost pile in November (to make way for the annual tree prunings and chippings), all I planted were what few edibles I could find at the time. What is there, however, is thriving!

Cabbage, brussels sprouts, and swiss chard all doing what they do, without my micro-managing. Alas, we lost one of the two blueberries last year (from absent neglect), so a replacement was found. These bushes require cross-pollination in order to fruit, and with both shrubs loaded with blossoms, it’s looking to be a rockin’ blueberry crop.

Fig, plum, and peach trees have already budded and flower, and the peach has set fruit.  Even the creek is full of water, a very good sign for the coming year.

Full Creek
Full Creek

When I flip the compost at the end of this month, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers — seedlings in my kitchen — will be planted all around that area — taking advantage of the nutrient-and-organism-infused soil — and the spring garden will have officially sprung.

New this year is a long-anticipated herb garden, seeded with cilantro, basil, sage, dill, and parsley.  I’ve split off some chives and leeks near the same area, and my mother is sharing some of her onions with me.  Plant love through love-and-sharing.  My fav.

Every week, I routinely patrol the curbs in my hood to collect as much pre-bagged organic curb waste as I can [comfortably] manage to put in the [junk]yard until such time I’ll need it — mostly in the form of leaves and shrub trimmings.  Once the green kicks in, I can begin building the keyhole garden I’ve been dying to do since I discovered it in 2012.  The spot has been chosen and the kids are eager to get to work.

There is also the beginnings of the espalier orchard that never got finished due to the remodel.  So far, a satsuma orange, navel orange, and pomegranate await their homes from the back porch in their containers.   Not wanting to take on too much at once this year (been there, done that), we will expand the espalier slowly to a final 150-ft length.

Dream, dream, dream.

Happy Spring, everyone!

Mary, Mary, quite contrary | How does your garden grow?

8 thoughts on “Welcome Spring

  1. Oh, I love your new blog header! Yay for spring, indeed! 🙂 We have SUN here in these rainy Pacific Northwest parts today and my son bounded out the door this morning welcoming it. Spring is my favorite season of all, here in Seattle. When I lived in Boston, it was the fall. But here — spring comes so early, and is so WELCOME after the gray, wet winter that I peek at the buds on my hydrangeas every day just to make sure they’re getting big, fast. I can’t wait. My husband built our kids a playhouse for Christmas, to help add some fun back in after our big move. I bought a window box for it! And I’m so excited to get planting with the kids. I checked out your keyhole garden post — you are so adventurous! Here I am happy about a little window box and I see that post. Maybe I’ll have to think bigger. 😉


    1. Pink and blue — great combinations for spring if there ever were some! You are well north of our usually balmy growing zone, but the last few years have been touch and go (drought, then drought recovery, next neglect due to remodel). Time to dig in, so to speak.

      Hydrangeas. I wish we could grow these in anything but containers. How fortunate for you to be watching buds on these beauties! Yes. I say think BIGGER. And be sure to get the kids involved. Judging from your latest post, it looks as if ONE is ready with a shovel *er uh* fingernails. Cheers! And thanks for the glorious comment.


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