The Color of Fall

“Think outside, box optional.” ~ Unknown

leaf color chemistry experiment instructographic

Thank you to our school, Connections Academy,
for this cool instructographic,

…and for making learning fun again!

4 thoughts on “The Color of Fall

  1. You always have the best posts on your site, Shannon! 🙂 I am SO going to try this experiment with my kids. I was in my 20s before I learned that leaves have their hidden colors inside them all year long. Fascinating.

    On to the squash, like Peg — can I just use seeds from a squash I buy at the market? Do I need to dry them or soak them or start them indoors — what’s the best way? Thank you for the great recipe!



    1. Such sweet words! I too didn’t realize the truth about leaves until I was much older. You will LOVE this experiment with your kids.

      As for squash seeds, it depends on your soil. Mine is rich as I supplement regularly with leaves, grass clippings, kitchen waste, etc. I just toss the seeds into the ground and off they go. I would check with the agricultural extension in your area for the best times to plant — our growing zones are very different.

      Good luck! I LOVE this recipe; I hope you do too.


  2. This is really interesting! Did you try the experiment with your kids? Also, I picked up 2 butternut squash at the farmer’s market yesterday so I’m going to try your recipe. Wish me luck.


    1. Hey Peg. So good to see you here. You will LOVE that squash recipe. Not only is it quick and a cinch to make, but it’s such an exotic flavor, it hardly feels so easy. I’ve used fresh pumpkin in it too, but the butternut has the “right” flavor for the curry.

      Yes. One of the frequently asked questions by kids, aside from why the sky is blue, is why the leaves change color. It’s one thing to tell them that the only reason they’re all green is due to chlorophyll, it’s another to SHOW them that. This is a great experiment that does just that! Of course, I will hold off the answer for the blue sky for when they’re ready for optics and light waves.

      PS — throw a few butternut seeds in some places of your yard you don’t mind being taken over. You’ll have more of your own butternut before you know it!


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