eBook Download – Texas Almanac

Follow the link below to get your free digital copy of the 2014-2014 Texas Almanac.  If you’re a resident of Texas, there is a plethora of information in those 752 pages, reader-optimized as portable document format (PDF). It includes includes state government data, maps, population stats, environmental statistics…and more!!

Click to be taken to Texas Almanac

As two of our four children are taking the Texas History course in school (it’s required in Texas), I will be getting a hard-bound copy as well for our home library, for quick-pickin’s on portfolio assignments (or bedtime reading). The digital copy can’t be beat for keeping on my portable device to read on the go.

A special note of appreciation goes to Steve Schwartzman for the original share; I might have not known about this resource otherwise. His thoughtful visual and educational posts highlighting Texas’ natural beauty — our wildflowers, in particular — are immeasurable. Be sure to visit him on WordPress.

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