DirtNKids Thanksgiving

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

We Are Thankful For…

Wide open spaces where both wildlife and people can exist side-by-side, both without a desire to destroy the other.

Marsh grasses and fall color

Being immediately near loved ones in our lives and not having to sit in this ever.

Holiday goers getting there…slowly.

All the precious critters that share our world, the otherwise unappreciated little things.

Baby mouse, looking lost

Being the best humans we can be and staying on our path, even if it’s not the beaten one.

Sun setting with fall foliage

That cruelty does not have to be a requirement for expressing gratitude and enjoying loved ones.

The turkeys.
Turkeys Need Love, Not Cruelty

Cute little bunny butts. Big bunny feet ‘chicken legs’ stretched out the back doesn’t hurt either.

Na na na na | Na na na na | Na na na na | na na na na BAT BUN

The sun, our star for without it we would literally all be nothing at all.  What would our days be without spectacular sunrises and sunsets to behold?

Good night

Our WordPress family who keeps us true to our very dirty, very earthy selves. Thanks for all your contributions to this blog.

Gone To The Beach!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, everyone!

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