Wilson’s Back!

Wilson’s warbler came back to our yard over the holidays.  He always brings such joy with his company — I can’t help but share it with others.  As a bonus, he was cooperative enough that I rattled off some decent still shots before he went on his way.

Wilson's Warbler
Well, hello Little Guy! Welcome back.
Wilson's Warbler
Getting a higher advantage from Camera Lady.

I don’t suppose you could show us that cute little black cap you’re wearing, would you?  You look so very stunning in it.  Thanks!

Wilson's Warbler
Why, yes ma’am! Here it is.

If you were following the blog back in February this year, I wrote a post dedicated to Wilson’s warbler, one of the kids’ favorite backyard critters.  I am sharing it with you again as many of you have never seen it.  The videos — one featuring the kids singing to him — are worth the viewing, I’m told.

Cheers.  And enjoy!

Go to Bird of the Month:  Wilson’s Warbler >

2 thoughts on “Wilson’s Back!

  1. Shannon, those are fabulous shots — especially the second one looking up at your little friend! You are so talented. May this New Year bring lots of feathered friends to visit at your door! 🙂


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