A Special Valentine Thank You


“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” ~ Melody Beattie

Chocolate: The Elixir of Love

African Cacao Processer, Source: Unknown

Sweet little cacao bean processers who work tirelessly for our Valentine’s Day chocolate fix, we appreciate what you do. Please only skip school if you can’t meet your quota otherwise. Your education may be the key to your future, but we really do need our chocolate. When mega-giants like Hershey’s® and Mars® finally come on board with the Fair Trade movement, you and your family might get to be paid equitably for this busy time of year and you can rise out of poverty. No matter what those crazy vegans do or say, it is so hard for us to be happy without it.  We really do hope to be more thoughtful of you in the future, but until then, thank you.

Milk: It Does The Baby Candy Good.

Cow Udder, Source: Wikipedia.org
Cow Udder, Source: Wikipedia.org

Beautiful factory-farmed dairy cow, everyone knows that the bitterness of cocoa powder is made better with dairy and sugar. We’re sorry about taking your children from you, something we have to do since we can’t have them drinking our milk. It’s a bummer that only you females can make milk, otherwise we’d take milk from your disposable male babies too, instead of just sending them off to slaughter or to “grow” veal. Don’t blame us. Our very own mothers weaned us from their breast milk before we were ready to give it all up, and change is so very, very hard for us as adults, particularly when it comes to our pleasure palate.

One day, we may have to change our minds about enslaving your species and use different “milk” extractions (soy, coconut, almond) instead. But for today, so we don’t have to think too much for our chocolate purchase, thanks to the millions of you who are giving your lives — your babies’ lives — so we may enjoy a few seconds of pleasure for Valentine’s Day.

When You Care Enough To Pulp The Very Best.

Long Needle Pines Stretching Their Arms
Earth’s Air Filters

Oh, beautiful trees you make possible the perfect card to express our love to our Valentine. Nothing quite says “I love you” to the people in our lives better than words by other people typeset on heavy card-stock. I love all the pretty possibilities displayed in stores everywhere. But I believe I love you more.

Until we all get with the program of finding other ways to show appreciation or hand-make things other than cards, we will rely on your pulp fibers instead. We promise to enjoy you so very much on Valentine’s Day. Please don’t feel slighted when we toss you straight into the bin the next day; we only need you for this one special day.  Thanks for being there for us.

Re-purposed Oxygen, Source: Unknown

Hug Your Corporation – It’s a Person Too

To the marketers and advertisers of corporate America, you just seem to know what makes us happy. Without your efforts, we might have no idea that a pajama-gram is what she really wants, and not more quality time spent with hubby. We especially love the TV commercials every 5 minutes, roadside billboards to distract our driving, drive-through flower stands, and internet pop-up windows. You really know how to get to our hearts. Thank you for helping us to keep the cycle going strong.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And please…buy vegan, recycled, and Fair Trade products.

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