Pink Distractions

“Beautiful has never been my goal.” ~ Pink

With now daily walks in the yard as sun sets in the evening, I’m reminded how beautiful everything is outside, whether there are flowers or not. It’s fitting that pink is the first color to show here, exploding forth from the grays and greens and browns that have dominated the yard since November, demanding my attention.

You have it, my Pretties. You have it.

Yellow may be the color of happy, but pink is of the heart.

Hardi Rose
Hardi Rose as the Sun Sets
Pink Jasmine
Pink Jasmine Holding Tight


Peach Blossom
Peach Blossoms


Redbud Budding
Redbud Tree Threatening Display
The Feathery Loropetalum


Full Bloom
Fading Tea Rose, Still Fragrant


Pink Eye
The Old ‘Pink Eye’ Stare

20 thoughts on “Pink Distractions

    1. Certainly by this weekend, I will be enjoying at least one very fat pink tree!! I’ll go out and shoot it, of course, because it’s nice to see from year to year how my ‘babies’ grow. I’d be a bad mommy not to chronicle the growth chart. Thanks for coming by, Steve.


  1. It’s a fun idea to show some of the pinks you are seeing, and I appreciate your wonderful photos. There’s nothing that says spring quite like pink blossoms. Thanks for sharing your cheerful springiness with us, Shannon. 😀

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    1. Thank you, Jet, and I appreciate your kind words. I have visited this page a lot in the last couple of days. Temps dropped back into the 30’s, probably just temporarily. I agree with you on pinks and spring. Cheers back atcha.

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    1. And I yours. As soon as a have a nice long sit-down at the computer, I’ll pop over and enjoy gardening perspective from the other side of the world. 😉

      Today was mulching, planting, garden prep, and some pruning chores before the rains and cold weather hit (they’ve been sent our way, drat that). Next…a hot bath.


    1. Me too, Julie! Loropetalum is a beautiful shrub plant. It has burgundy foliage that turn to bright red and orange in the winter. In another week, it will be completely covered in little hot pink feathers. The more I prune it, the more flower growth is encouraged. I posted that photo for you, you know. 😀

      One of the peaches died while we were in the apartment, so I’m left with three trees, all of whom are loaded with blossoms!! The only downside is that there still aren’t any bees, so I may wind up with low fruit yield like last year. In addition to bat boxes and martin houses, we are looking into installing in a bee box to encourage a feral bee colony to move onto my property.

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    2. On our walk this morning, I saw the most beautiful loropetalum in the front bed of someone’s home. It is just stunning, like a small ornamental as they have left it to grow as it wants. I should take a picture of it…

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    1. Nice to have you here. From the looks of your blog you are a fellow gardener! Yes, down here on the Gulf Coast, spring arrives a little earlier than usual. Not complaining at all about that.

      I hope you are able to dig yourself out of the white soon, NovaScotiaRoots! The warmer weather will be ootching up your way shortly. Cheers!

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