They Call Me Mellow Yellow

There are really only two yellow flowers I like seeing in spring, and I’m not talking about daffodils:  I want tomatoes and cucumbers. As of today, neither one have their little root-y feet dug into my yard garden. Soon, perhaps even this weekend I’ll have purchased and planted some [expensive] plants at the nursery. I missed the window entirely for seeds or seedlings.

Nevertheless, my time was spent outdoors enjoying the finicky weather that is Houston in the spring. We get but two perfect windows of good weather — one in spring, one in the fall — followed by a year ’round hell of heat and humidity.

Life’s best when these little pleasures are enjoyed in the moment.

We camped. We birded. We canoed. We beach-went. We generally spent every waking moment — and equal amounts of sleeping time — outside. Sometimes it’s just good to mellow out for a couple of days!

Unlike the pink hues of late winter, our yard in early spring explodes in brilliant shades of yellows.


Peek-a-Boo, April (our redheaded squirrel)!

Unknown Wildflower Among Onions

Bunny in Turf-grass Clover Cover

Lovely Weed

Milkweed (for the Monarchs)


Native Lantana

Black-throated Green Warbler

Black-throated Green Warbler
The spring migrants are calling for me!!

2015 Bird Count:  155

13 thoughts on “They Call Me Mellow Yellow

    1. Never too late for cukes! It’s just that that vines begin to get wilty by the end of June. You get longer fruiting when they are mature by the end of April. I usually sow seeds indoors at the end of January. You could say my plate was full with other things.


      1. Ha! I wholeheartedly agree. Running the school at home put a little wrench in my gardening gears. I had to pass up a beautiful pile of bagged leaves (10 of them!) because the minivan was loaded with donate-ables instead. Rats. Miss the pick-up truck.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We’ve been missing our truck this season as well and are discussing which car to drop in order to pick up another pick-up. There’s too much free stuff on craigslist (brick, lumber, stones, etc) to not utilize when building our new landscape. Never mind the leaves! Thankfully the days are getting longer and I can at least go get dirty for a little while after bedtime these days.


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