Creepy Critters of Summer

Walking Stick

Summer’s gone now. And soon will be all my favorite yard buddies. Until next year, freaky fellas!

Ant On A Thistle
Basket Flower


Hawk of the Garden

Velvet Ant (wingless wasp)

The Ant That’s Not An Ant
Velvet Ant (Really A Wingless Wasp)

Golden Orb Weaver

Back Porch Squatter
Orb Weaver Spider

Scissor-grider Cicada

Scissor-grinder Cicada

So long hot, muggy Summer.
Hello cool, fabulous Autumn!!

15 thoughts on “Creepy Critters of Summer

    1. Hmm … perhaps it is a basket-flower, but I really have no idea. I defer ID’s to the real flower experts, particular when they come to my blog to point out my mis-ID’s! Thanks for the honesty. Always welcomed here, Steve. 😀


  1. Loved this post, Shannon — a warm salute to some true but-often-unseen beauties. Great walking stick photo especially, I love walking sticks. And the cicada is a real find. I hardly ever see them, though look often due to hearing them. Happy autumn to you–


    1. The Mississippi Kites return to our neighborhood every spring to take advantage of what I call an over-population of the critters, who feed off the oak trees that abound here.

      I think you missed this hummingbird video a while back ( where they present as jubilant summer background noise! Happy Autumn to you too, my friend. I truly appreciate your contributions to this blog.


  2. I bet the the Wingless Wasp & Scissor Grinder Cicada do part time work at the Chocolate factory to entertain the Oompa Loompas. Look at them, gosh.

    Also, amazing photographs, Shannon. You have such talents!


    1. Thank you Sarah. Nice to be back in the groove! I must say the garden is doing well without me. Fruits are still coming and I’ve already ‘prepped’ the beds for fall. Post coming!


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