Little Creepy Critters of Summer

Ant On A Thistle


Hawk of the Garden

The Ant That’s Not An Ant
Velvet Ant (Really A Wingless Wasp)

Argiope Spider

Back Porch Squatter
Orb Weaver Spider

Scissor-grider Cicada

Sign of Summer
Scissor-grinder Cicada Emerging

Apologies for the recent ‘blogging binge.’ I’ve been
away waaaaay too long.

I missed my DirtNKids Playground and friends.
Nice to see everyone again! 😀

Coming soon…An Hour in the Garden:
Lazy ‘work’ in a no-till garden in 90-degree heat.

4 thoughts on “Little Creepy Critters of Summer

  1. I bet the the Wingless Wasp & Scissor Grinder Cicada do part time work at the Chocolate factory to entertain the Oompa Loompas. Look at them, gosh.

    Also, amazing photographs, Shannon. You have such talents!


    1. Thank you Sarah. Nice to be back in the groove! I must say the garden is doing well without me. Fruits are still coming and I’ve already ‘prepped’ the beds for fall. Post coming!


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