Yin Yang Bunnies

Mordecai and Chaka — Opposites Attract

So happy! Couldn’t wait to share the good news. So here it is.

Mordecai is showing much improvement after his life-saving surgery. The vet was practically dancing and giddy with excitement.

There, There, Little Bun

One more month of injections (grr) has my summer pretty much planned out. Then we’ll go back again to see what’s left of the abscess. Hopefully, it will be gone forever and we can chalk this whole thing up to experience for two more bunnies.

crossing fingers

A huge shout out to Angie — my little ‘vet tech’ — for making shot giving and wound cleaning fun routine. I think I know what her first volunteer job might be as a young teen. And Little Mordie is a trooper.

A Natural Animal Lover

Have you ever worked to save an animal from death?

4 thoughts on “Yin Yang Bunnies

  1. Love bunnies!! We had a Minirex for a while. He was squirrel colored and a lot of fun. We had him in a cage in our living room. Cocoa was litter box trained and loved to be held.
    I have had experiences with our animals where we have spent A LOT of money for life saving treatment, but I have not, myself, ever had to do anything personally. My husband brought our cat back to life after he drowned in the bathtub. He did CPR on it when he was about 12 weeks old and he lived to be almost 16. 🙂


    1. Aw, that is amazing about your cat! Thank you so much for sharing your animal experience here. I love knowing about other people’s stories. 😀

      Most have no idea how clean and lovable rabbits are. Ours inhabit the entire downstairs; their hutch is on a tiled area in a bathroom, where they spend their nights. Good to have you here, Courtney. I hope you’re enjoying your summer.

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