Sky Tease

It’s been more than two months since the last decent rainfall here, which was more like a tropical storm. Skies like this have me doing rain dances along the side of the road.

This storm? Missed us by several miles, not even a sprinkle. We can smell the rain clouds as they build over and around us, but they just never result in a direct hit to our property.

Perhaps next week.


8 thoughts on “Sky Tease

    1. Not even a sprinkle. The humidity is so high some days, one would think that rain clouds result, but no. Dry as a bone these days.

      Thanks for the rain dance from afar. I really hope it works!

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  1. Those clouds sure look like rain ahead, and to smell it too! Hopefully the rain will fall soon. Here in Calif. we’re now happy just when the fog comes in, brings a tiny bit of moisture to our droughted state. You and your kids might have to do a rain dance…. 😉


  2. We haven’t even seen any real rain clouds like you have. (I miss clouds!) Of course, we did get about a half inch of rain at the end of June/beginning of July. But it’s still pretty dry here, too!


    1. It’s crazy dry here, Julie. We are so near the coast that a weekly drencher is not uncommon. I am amazed that the turf grass of our yard is still holding up. I don’t water grass, only trees.

      Hope you get some moisture soon! And stay cool. I hear that temps up there are supposed to climb well into the 100’s.

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