They’re Here! (Video!)

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird stops through our yard every fall to get fat on sugar-water before a long journey south. I will try to top this video (taken in 2011) this year, provided the numbers are similar.

They are already starting to swarm in significant numbers and entertaining us from the kitchen and front porch every morning and evening. Such feisty little birds.

Learn more about the hummingbird migration, through last year’s post. You won’t want to miss the GIF of Ginny blowing one off her hand at the end. So precious!


Are you a hummingbird watcher/way-station?

What species have you?

19 thoughts on “They’re Here! (Video!)

  1. It is now 9/28/16 and we still have hummers at our two feeders here in Central Illinois. Usually only 1 at a time but as you noted, lately they’ve been more polite and we’ve seen some sharing by 2 at a time. During these summer months, we never have seen any more than 3 or 4 in the vicinity at the same time and their aerial battles are like watching bi-plane warfare: Take that Red Baron!!! We aren’t sure how many different individuals we’ve had but it seems that the same ones visit multiple times a day, recognizable for a feather sticking out here or there. And never a lot of ruby-throated males but a few. We haven’t seen any of those now in about a month…I’m sure they are visiting you. Thanks for your informative news and pictures, we’ve only just begun to be hummingbird fans this year but already we are fascinated by them.


    1. My guess is that when they are sitting down together, they are serious about the push to the south. There is a notable absence of birds today, just one day after 10 would sit side-by-side and slurp down their meals. Last meal — moving on!

      So glad that you have become hummer friends, Steve, and I always appreciate your contributions to the blog. Cheers!


    1. I am spending probably too much time just sitting and watching their antics. I have work to do and they make me not want to do it. I am honing my skills for photographing birds in flight, particularly zippy hummers.

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  2. Fantastic! What a popular feeder station you have there, you must have to refill it once a day! It’s so great that you’re nourishing the RTHs Shannon, in their migration — have fun! ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. We go through a gallon of solution every day during the peak in September, split between 4-6 feeding stations. Right now it’s not too cumbersome — every 4 days change-out (mostly due to the heat and fungi). Do you get much action up there where you are?


    1. That video was taken a few years back, Sonya, but there are already 5-10 at each feeder, mostly guarding it with their aerial attacks. Not many actually get to perch for long before someone comes and fights them off. By the end of September, they’ll begin to tolerate each other and ‘take turns’ like nice little birdies.


    1. I’m thinking you’re up north somewhere, but we are directly in 3 of 4 flyways AND the last stop before moving on (over the Gulf of Mexico) which means fall migration is pretty spectacular here. Being in the right place at the right time, I suppose. Thanks so much for coming by to enjoy the hummers.

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