Hummers Come In To Dine…Play Games?

Here’s the latest hummingbird video, this one taken from the inside while our kids and their friends play games in the background. This is as good as it gets so far this fall, as it appears the frenzy is starting to wind down now. The biggest number of hummers this year were only 10-15 birds per feeder jockeying for position on the perches, not topping the record currently held by the Drought of 2011. We had triple those stats at least.

With the first cool spell that settles in Houston, many will make their final leg of the journey over the Gulf of Mexico to their wintering grounds to the south, all fattened up hopefully. So sad to see them go in just a few days’ time. Next fall can’t come soon enough for this family.

Bon voyage, little fellas! Thanks for the entertainment and we’ll see you again in the spring. We’ll put the feeders out and keep the lights on for ya.

Coming soon! A hummingbird with a broken wing spends the night
at DirtNKids before going into rehab. A little lost sleep for mom,
but what an adventure that was for the kids!

2 thoughts on “Hummers Come In To Dine…Play Games?

  1. Great video!!! The most I’ve ever had in my yard is…two. So even a slow fall for you would be a bonanza for me. We still have Ruby-throats fattening here in Wisconsin so more should be heading your way in the coming weeks.

    Looking forward to your next post with your overnight visitor 😀


    1. Working on it now, if I could just manage all the school disruptions.

      If you liked this video, you will REALLY like the other one. In 2011, Texas was in a drought which brought rubies to our feeder in droves. Few wildflowers…

      Looking forward to hosting your Wisconsin beauties. Thanks for sending them off in good form to us! 😀


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