You Know A Squirrel Is Comfy When…

…he disguises himself as a rug to blend in with the Homo sapiens natural surroundings.

Does she see me?
I sure hope she doesn’t need to wipe her feet.

And let’s not forget the funny squirrel videos shot on location here and here, so much visual entertainment in one place with no price for admission.

You’re welcome.

14 thoughts on “You Know A Squirrel Is Comfy When…

    1. It is! He’s a regular and used to me being around him. I feel honored that he would flatten himself out like that and let me get a good shot. He must have been hot and that concrete COOL on his belly.


    1. They do the funniest things. The completely destroy potted plants in trying to keep cool — yes, they SOAK in the cool dirt, removing all the vegetation first — so I’ve resorted to keeping pots of cool soil there instead, just for them.


    1. You are both right to think so! It was in the middle of the day about 90 degrees. They do this for a quick cool down. When my friend’s dog does it, we call it ‘chicken legs’ because his back legs stick out behind him.


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