‘Who Will We Be?’ by Dr. David Eagleman

Don’t miss the sixth and last episode in the series The Brain with David Eagleman, which I only just watched last night. The first episode of the series has recently become no longer available for streaming, and the second one expires at the end of today.

Many of the scenes are shot right here in Houston.

Given the recent atrocities carried out by extreme Islamists in Paris and Mali, it’s interesting to consider that our genocidal ways as a species can be explained in terms of brain plasticity and the neuro-network that links us. It also makes me wonder if a recently Fresh Pressed piece — on Homni the Super-organism — got inspiration from this last show in the series. The whole subject is quite eye-opening, and Dr. Eagleman gives it the scrutiny it deserves.

We are more connected to — even disconnected from — each other than we like to admit, and I’m not talking about Twitter.

The Brain
Who Will We Be?

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