DirtNKids Thanksgiving


“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” ~ William Arthur Ward

We break from work each year to celebrate an explorer and on another day to remember our country’s leaders present and past. We celebrate mothers, fathers, and war veterans. There is the birth and resurrection of a Christian savior, and even a day set aside just for lovers. We continue to shop and consume resources on all those days — plus a few more — as if our very lives depended upon it.

Yet we dedicate only one day for gratitude and thankfulness in America. Tsk tsk.

You have more stuff than you need already and more blessings than earthworms have dirt. So stop shopping and start counting.


Yeah, we crazy.

Whether it is factory-farmed in squalid conditions or raised ‘free-range’ in someone’s yard, each animal’s life ends in the same way: a betrayal by its caretaker and premature death before evisceration. Tens of millions of turkeys are created, raised, and slaughtered each year for the day. Tens of millions just for Thanksgiving, billions of birds (with a ‘B’) within a calendar year.

Suffering and death should not be a necessary requirement for showing gratitude for life. Keep counting your blessings. And please, go vegan.

Shooting Birds

Shooting The Bird At Thanksgiving | DirtNKids – 2014

Last year was such fun that we are planning a repeat again tomorrow (click the picture to read the post). The weather is looking good for camping in the yard again, and topping 256 bird species of last year is our goal.

The following day will be a 100% plant-based feast served with Mee-Maw’s good china and stemware, because nothing says ‘gratitude’ like using what you have with those you love the most.

Life is quite simple that way. Are you still counting your blessings? (I am!)


Ginny’s Centerpiece Inspiration
Much more colorful than seared flesh

Happy Thanksgiving!

12 thoughts on “DirtNKids Thanksgiving

      1. Thank You Shannon. There are more birds around here than anything else so I have a lot to practice with. Caught the great blue heron back at our pond again. I will try to get a picture from the window he is so scared of any movement.

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