Dark Sky Yearning

(Feature photo courtesy of: Dark Sky Int’l,
photographer Tyler Nordgren)

It’s been a month already and I’m still longing to get back to The Big Bend. The stars of west Texas — absent from my own light-washed sky near Houston — have been burned into my retinal memory and haunt my dreams. I can’t see them here, but I know they’re there. I am thankful for the talents of time lapse photographers like Kenneth Edwards below so that I can visit the sky virtually, whenever I feel the need.

I can’t wait to get back to TBB. Counting the days…

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12 thoughts on “Dark Sky Yearning

    1. And it doesn’t do it justice. There is something mesmerizing about laying on your back and taking in the universe through your own eyes. Glad you liked it, but I hope you get down to BBNP one day!

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      1. Funny you should mention that – after your initial post I had to google the map to see exactly where in the state it was and which airport could get me there 😉 Hoping to make it at some point….right now North Dakota, Mexico, and a pelagic out of Cali are up first.


      2. It really IS in the middle of nowhere — 100 miles from any city — which is why it’s such a great dark sky place. There are so few of them anymore in the US.

        Back when we were DINKS (dual income no kids), it was our place to be when we had time off.

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    1. They are! And a reminder for me next to bring the camera and take my own series of long exposures. Alas, these aren’t mine (the opener is borrowed from Dark Sky Int’l).


      1. Since it’s a ‘link’ post, I didn’t expect the feature photo to be viewable (I use feature photos as thumbs for my widget). I added the credit to the post so it doesn’t happen again!

        Good luck with the time lapse project. If you ever do one and I miss it somehow, please come back and lead me to it! I love your stuff. 😀


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