Doesn’t FEEL Like Winter

As we gear up to do a major yard clean-up — mulching, tree pruning, garden planting — the birds are busy and the fruit trees are beginning to flower out. The keyhole is (finally) packed full of Romaine and Butter crunch Lettuce seedlings which will be full edible heads in only a few more weeks. I’m just hoping that it stays cool enough long enough that they don’t bolt to flower stalks first. I’ve not have much luck with lettuces in the past.

Would you believe that we are still picking and eating jalapeño peppers from last spring’s garden?

Going out birding in the unseasonably mild weather in the Houston area leads me to one conclusion: the birds must know something we don’t. I just hope that the El Nino mild winter doesn’t bring behind it a scorching summer.

Pine Warbler

What are you doing here already?
You’re supposed to be in Colombia!!
Blackburnian Warbler
Pine Warbler (corrected ID!)

Great Blue Heron

‘Maybe she doesn’t see me…’
Great Blue Heron

Wood Duck Pair

Paired Up In The Mist
Wood Ducks

Loggerhead Shrike

Setting Up Shop, Singing A Song
Northern Shrike

[Can’t Hear Sound In Your Reader?  Try opening in a browser.]

We’ve seen 122 bird species so far.
Off to a rockin’ start!

8 thoughts on “Doesn’t FEEL Like Winter

  1. Fantastic photos, Shannon — I especially like the wood ducks in the mist, and the northern shrike photo is terrific — he’s so dapper! I went to your sound cloud site and that is VERY cool. Always a pleasure to visit you and the birds, my friend.


  2. Can’t wait to see some of those Blackburnians this spring – truly a stunning bird!!! Interesting that you’re getting some early migrants….or not. I was shocked to see some geese are already showing up in southeast Wisconsin. I think you are right and signs are pointing to an early spring. For those of us up north, we’re looking forward to getting some new birds in the area! Happy birding 😉

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  3. So you are having a warm winter too? As is Central Asia. Snowing now but temp rose to +13C (55F) earlier this week. In February! Unbelievable! In Europe, same thing. Early blooming there too. What is the world coming to?


    1. Well if it’s ‘hell in a hand basket,’ then what a way to go! If I can be eating fresh tomatoes from my yard in March, then I won’t be complaining about the super-hot weather that’ll be soon to follow in July.

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