LBJ Challenge – What Kind of Sparrow?

To all my United States bird following, how well do you know your sparrows — otherwise known as LBJ’s (little brown jobs)?

I shot this bird yesterday near my home. No matter how common this bird may be, it was a ‘lifer for me, meaning that I have never before seen it. Sparrows like this one you must go looking for. They don’t typically grace the backyards and feeders of suburban neighborhoods.

Can YOU correctly ID this LBJ?

I’m a pretty LBJ…but who am I?
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I know what it is. Do you?

Drop a comment with your best guess!

Thanks for your comments! The answer:  Field Sparrow.

12 thoughts on “LBJ Challenge – What Kind of Sparrow?

      1. About 2 months from now they’ll be singing in the fields up here! One of my favorite local patches to bird for warblers also hosts field birds such as the Field Sparrow. I love – truly love – being there at sunrise and watching them at the top of small shrubs and trees singing their little hearts out. Enjoyed the quiz 😀


    1. Wow! That is a great guess and was my first inclination too. On further scrutiny, however, this bird is missing the signature black eye line of the Chipping Sparrow. Here’s a hint: bold eye ring and general lack of facial features give this Spizella the nickname ‘baby face.’ Wanna try again?

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      1. Oo, X3 is nice! You’re quite right about the eyeline! FSs aren’t very widespread in Canada. Maybe I’ll see one on my next visit to Montreal. Thanks for the interesting lesson in LBJ identification :-)!


      2. Yes we do see a few cool birds that don’t go very far south :-). I will visit my parents in Montreal later this year so I’ll keep a look out for Field Sparrows (and other pretty birds) while I’m there. There are a few Montreal sightings on eBird. But I did get to see your photo. That was pretty exciting!

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