Bird Anatomy – Learn Your Markings!

Feature image: Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Bird Academy

I think of all the sparrows, sandpipers, and warblers that I’d missed simply because I was not familiar enough with ‘calling out’ markings to my birding partner while viewing through a field lens. Too often I got lazy; I would just lean on the photograph taken to later ID with field guides in hand. Sometimes, even that didn’t work too well.

Never again. How about we learn about the parts of a bird while playing a game at the same time?


Click it! Play Build-a-bird.

The great folks at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has made this fun and interactive build-a-bird to help budding (or experienced) birders better learn different kinds of feathers required for a solid and accurate field ID. No photos required.

It is a fun activity for kids and adults alike — particularly the tactile and visual learners — to better help the brain lock in a load of useful new knowledge.

Happy Birding!

Birds are the window to our world.
Spring migration is coming…get ready!

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