Pardon My Bloggy Absence

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” ~ Arthur Ashe

DirtNKids Blog is taking a blogging hiatus. This not only means a lag or complete absence of new post creation, but also reading (commenting, liking) regularly posted content from my favorite WordPress peoples. Life is meant to be lived analog — not digital — and for this family that means not indoors but outdoors.

Here’s how it works when I’m gone. Older content will be up-cycled for those who visit their WP Readers every Friday morning. It’s easy to future-schedule stuff that’s already written. If you’re new here, you’ll get a broad sampling. If you’ve been around a while, consider them flashbacks instead.

Web-logging or not, we never stop bird-logging, dirt-playing…and certainly living. Chillax and enjoy the ride, y’all. We’ll see you when we come back indoors.

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids
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