Red, White, and Blue

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, y’all, and whatever you do, please don’t burn anything down.

As for our clan, we are biking out to a quiet spot to watch fireworks near home with another family to celebrate our country’s 240th anniversary. It’s watermelon from the garden, blankets and sparklers — simple, cheap, slightly adventurous — as we are still minimally digital and maximally outdoors, physically connected with those we love most. It’s the best way to be happy in the throes of summer heat, from our perspective.

I’ll leave you with some red, white and blue from the archives or otherwise old pictures uploaded to WordPress with an old DSLR, and before SmugMug and ‘the big lens’ came into play.


Red and White Salvia

Garden Maters

Fungi Fruit

Ligustrum Flower


Wing of a Bluebird

Bluebird Wing

A Little Slice of Americana
Frankfort, Michigan

Happy 4th of July!

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