Blog Discovery: Without Cruelty (500th Follower!)

To celebrate DirtNKids Blog’s 500th Follower, I wanted to highlight just who that follower was for once. The number kind of crept up on me while I wasn’t watching, and then Bam! It always amazes me that so many are as into Dirt and Kids as I am.

Given that it happened as a result of posting yesterday on avoiding cruelty in purchases — one which I’ve worked on for years before (reluctantly) pushing it out of the draft folder — I find it humbling and exciting that it should be:

Without Cruelty Blog on WordPress

500_followersMaxine’s readership will increase, not because of my silly old share per se, but because what she shares about her life of travel, food and fun will be done without unnecessary harm to others. Our world is waking up.

Advocacy for the lives of others comes in many forms. We do need more blogs like that, so Cheers, Maxine!

Thank you for what you contribute for your world, to this blog, and I personally look forward to reading your future posts.


5 thoughts on “Blog Discovery: Without Cruelty (500th Follower!)

  1. Thank you so much for highlighting my blog and my attempts to make the world a healthier, greener, more fun place to be! I will continue blogging about veganism, travel and lifestyle issues and hopefully inspire others to get out there and make a difference!

    I am very pleased I found your blog and look forward to all your future posts! Thanks again for the unexpected publicity, I really really appreciate it!

    Merry Christmas xxx

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