Quickie Update April

Howdy, friends and followers!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the sound bytes, photos, and re-posts since the last update. Now in the thick of spring migration, pretty much any spare time is spent outdoors watching for birdie passers-through. Just today, I watched as an unknown hawk — Swainson’s? White-tailed? — hover-hunted the ditch along a busy stretch of highway. I pulled off to watch, in awe, but without a camera or field lens, all I could do is cross my arms, lean on the hood, and enjoy the moment. Would have been great to get a photo, and given his proximity it would have been a head-and-shoulders shot for sure!

It’s the very best of living in my book, enjoying these moments as they happen.

With spring birding sprinkled in with life as Mother, Learning Coach, and Homemaker, I’m afraid there won’t be a whole lot of new posting action (aside from short ones like this) for the next few weeks until we come back inside. I will continue to re-post some old ones, because they’ll be new to most of you anyway.

In the meantime, welcome to DirtNKids, New Followers! With or without posts, these albums are always up-to-date at my SmugMug home:

2017 Baby Wrens — Video, photos…FUN! The baby bluebirds have already fledged, but you can watch life unfold on our back porch, very soon to end. They are going fledge within the next few days.

2017 Bird Sightings — we are currently at 217 Species … our highest count to date in April. In this photo album is a collection of our ‘tick-offs,’ most recently a Long-tailed Duck and Groove-billed Ani we could never have hoped see, much less capture with a photograph. Priceless.

Feel free to comment or email; the pocket computer keeps me engaged with you all. I’m enjoying your blogs when I can — on the go. Cheers!

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog

4 thoughts on “Quickie Update April

    1. They’ve always been full. They’re now just mostly full of other people’s tasks. Not sure how I’ll feel when the nest is empty, so I just savor every moment in time until then. 😀

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