Quickie Update – May

Has it been a month already?

With all the time spent outdoors these last few weeks birding, dirt-playing, carting kids to and fro, I nearly forgot I have a blog that needs tending. Nature waits for no one, and keyboards are indoor tools.

As of today, this place is hopping with babies. The backyard has been our haunt for watching not only migrating birds but also baby hawks as well as a fawn whose mother — a herding regular — has left us babysitters-in-charge while she roams. It’s a great gift to have received for my 50th birthday!

The kids named him Sean in keeping with the Irish-ness of Kelly (the fawn of last year) and his mother, Siobahn, who most likely is ‘Shawn The Fawn’ from 2011. He will no doubt be a fixture on our property in the next few weeks. Here is our little cutie, if you want sneak peek at his birthday photo.

Visited the blog lately? If you haven’t, you can click on the ‘fawn’ category tag in the right column of the home page to see past posts with videos, photos, and stories of our resident mammalians. Go ahead…give it a go!

Quickie Update May

Thanks for your patience. The busy-ness is lightening up now at the end of the school year and I will be back to blogging shortly. Cheers, everyone!

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog

12 thoughts on “Quickie Update – May

    1. It’s a blessing and a curse. They have nowhere else to go and we are a safe zone…but they continue to multiply as long as food resources are available. To be sure we do NOT feed them! This is our third year of 10 with fawns coming up in our yard.


      1. Oh my! There is a large herd nearby, similarly protected by being in the city limits. It can be a hazard (on the roads) and a nuisance (for anyone with a garden). I do worry about overpopulation, for their own sakes.


      2. Overpopulation historically is a consequence of abundant resources. Deer are successful in part because of us, but also due their extraordinary adaptability and toughness.


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