I Love It (Especially Later In The Summer)

“These are high quality books, and I applaud their transparency.” ~ Shannon @ DirtNKids

I usually refrain from quoting myself, but when something I said delivers an equally tantalizing title (my son answered me with it) for a post, I can’t pass it up. At 15 years old, he’s becoming quite aware of his world (including politics) and his place within it.

And he’s learning to drive. Eeeeeek!

Yes, I’m still working on posts, and yes, life is still getting in the way. But the problem with reading is that it really cuts into my blogging and Sudoku-ing free time.

Just so you know, I’m not spending any time in the garden. It’s hot and muggy. And mosquitoes are relentless. Only the hour-long flip and layer exercise is left, then I’m all done.

These four books are so good that I find myself jumping from one to the other randomly rather than gobbling one up in a single go. Maybe that’s my ADD acting up, but since I’ve finished two out of the four already, I’ll not change my method.

Face-to-face meet-ups and smack-dab-in-nature days (and nights) is what summer is all about for me. And in the time in between appointments and chores, not having some regular thing to have to run off and do is particularly refreshing. Thanks for the smiles and recharges, people!

(…and Olga, I hope you’re still in the area. Really, really miss you. Give me a shout!)

PS – If it weren’t for the entertainment value of our president and his family/antics, political news might otherwise be downright depressing. Thanks for the daily laughs and head-slaps, Mr. Trump.

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids

4 thoughts on “I Love It (Especially Later In The Summer)

    1. I highly recommend viewing the entire series (I think there are six parts, we own it). The book is equally titillating, but as visual beings. and with technical content, watching people off the streets become subjects for demonstrating the brain’s wiring makes it that much more understandable — and lasting.


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