Guest Post: Crows Head Soup, ‘20,000 Miles’

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” ~ C.S. Lewis

It’s hard being vegan. But not for the reasons you may think. Plants give us everything we need in our daily diets (with the exception of B12, a supplement). It’s just silly easy to not eat others exploited specifically for our food demands, and our whole vegan family is not just getting by without cruelty on our plates — we are thriving.

You’ve even gotten a helpful list from me to help you make the switch, and as it becomes easier to dine out without animals (and the ‘products’ we take from them) there is really no good reason why any of us should want to keep up the old way.

But you stick to the old ways, and I don’t know why.

Baby steps, I like to say, and once change is rolling, it’s easy to look back and call some life change ‘difficult.’ But being vegan — removing cruelty from day-to-day choices — isn’t hard at all.

In fact, the hardest part of my being vegan is you.

It’s the indignant way in which you conflict yourself every day. A sad-faced ‘I know’ communicates the dilemma more than you are willing to admit. You acknowledge the suffering while ordering the cheese anyway … because you like it. Your contradiction baffles me.

Some of you prefer to keep your distance from us, perhaps because our being vegan makes you feel bad. I understand how that feels. You don’t like to feel bad about your choices, but is it really us making you feel that way? Think about it.

Peter below says what I have yet been unable to say. I appreciate his words because I live them. To heck with the crazy news these days, it’s you, my daily people, reducing any confidence I have in my children’s future on this planet.

I change me and you change you. But my duty to the fellow Earthlings enslaved by you all today is to get in the way of your comfort with it all. There is nothing ‘right’ about what we’re doing and you know it. So own it.

Vegan is the very baseline for peace, compassion for others, love of neighbors — even the human neighbor — a life-hack that belongs in any parent’s or moral person’s toolbox. I’m surprised you haven’t realized that yet.

Vegan is like duct tape: 101 uses and counting.

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog

About the Author

Peter Schreiner at Crows Head Soup Blog has dedicated his writings to help bring about the liberation of the billions of animals enslaved for our tastes and various other trivialities and pleasures. A vegan anarchist. You can view his original post and all its comments here.

20,000 Miles

In retaliation to the attacks against vegans in social networks across the globe and in face-to-face confrontations.Vegans.

Are we perfect? No. But, we are better than you.

Our understanding spans light-years beyond that of the self-absorbed masses. We have respect for life that no religious/spiritual pretense dare compare. A working vision for the future that culminates in world peace if only you could imagine.

As with any conviction, our dedication draws an assault of absurd arguments meant to discredit us while making animal rights activists out as terrorists.[1] A judgment handed down by the authorities at the demand of their handlers and favored by the sniveling populace.

Accusations against us grow from a baseless albeit a well-fertilized malice. Ranging from the fatuous to more pressing matters we cannot stall. Hypocrisy, because we kill.

We murder the multitude of insects that splatter against the grills and windshields of our automobiles, ones we disembowel cultivating our gardens or them we’ve disembodied mowing our lawns. We might even swat mosquitoes and flies, might poison the termites that eat our environmentally flawed dwellings.

We are mindful of our crimes committed against the delicate vulnerabilities of nature, necessitated by our captivity in a profit-driven, pseudo civilization. Unlike you, we strive to lessen our impact.

BTW, we realize plants are a life form. So, drop the chorus of adolescent jokes. As well, we are not trying to convert Nature’s predators into vegans. You’re a dull, witless idiot to say such.

Here’s the skinny. Likened to a 20,000-mile journey, we’ve taken only the first steps. Narrowing the gap between where we are and where our futures intend requires time. The time we may not have. An ultimatum you decide in your dystopian drive toward annihilation: endless war and your obeisant patriotism. The swarm of unfettered violence and senseless murders of innocent creatures, the driving power of apocalypse.

Your unsustainable life choices inflamed by greed and rapacity:

It isn’t veganism aiding the world’s sixth mass extinction,[2] nor global warming.[3]

It isn’t veganism contaminating the waterways and oceans. It is the agricultural runoff that creates hypoxic dead zones.[4]

It isn’t veganism depleting the oceans of fish,[5] A third of those ground into livestock feed,[6] leaving behind a killing entanglement of fishing nets.[7] Nor is it veganism that sustains the abominable ‘Sea Slave’ fishing trade.[8]

It isn’t veganism decimating the rainforests to gain acreage for livestock and the crops to feed them.[9]

It isn’t veganism squandering resources to process, store, refrigerate, dispose, and transport the remains and refuse of doomed and slaughtered earthlings.[10] Nor is it veganism that depletes fresh water reserves.[11]

Veganism isn’t the reason people starve. This is a famine fed by the insatiable appetite for meat. Because it’s not veganism buying third-world feed crops to sustain western livestock.[12]

Someday, if you and your ilk haven’t by then destroyed the planet, will come a time when people live in accord with nature. As when humans stop procreating exponentially, spreading and stacking one on top the other. When machinery and technology give way to biological innovations and adaptations.

No cars to run down animal and insect. Nor roads, walls, and fences to inhibit wildlife.

An open landscape of clean soil, air, water, and sustainability steeped in compassion and cooperation with Nature and one another.

Then all will have plenty.

We may even reach the stage of our evolution when we no longer need harvest plants, living off the sun’s energy alone. But even if we don’t, even if we need plant nourishment to survive we will till the soil with our hands, tender as the Buddhist monks.

The 20,000-mile journey of the vegan is today but the embryo of Utopia.

I know vegan concepts orbit beyond your diminutive sphere of care and reasoning and that you’ll continue to devalue those who aspire to higher realms of existence. I know too that one of two outcomes are inevitable and soon forthwith, in the cosmic sense. Either attrition will dissolve your kindred and life will live in its natural harmony. Or, the planet will die an agonizing death. No fault of the vegan.

So, while you’re quick to ridicule our principles, we offer sustainability while you’re committed to depletion. We present healthy alternatives while you stay patsy to the medical / pharmaceutical / research / animal agricultural cartels. We’re compassionate. You’re a brute. You’re a parasite and terror to the planet and all its life forms. A selfish, gluttonous, short-sighted simpleton whose concerns run shallow, anchored in unreformable arrogance. You’re a plague, and a contaminate, a virus to infect your offspring and others with your self-purposing dogma.

Viva La Vevolution!


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