Quickie Update – September

Hi everyone.

Glad to see you are all still following DirtNKids Blog although I’ve not exactly given any of you bloggers a good amount of bloggy love recently. As is just about every month that comes and goes anymore, it’s been a whirlwind of activity even with a summer spent unscheduled to make spontaneous traveling more likely. This summer was punctuated by a pretty nasty storm and epic flooding just as school is supposed to crank back up.

Needless to say, my draft folder is stacking up yet again with the last parts of the series for our Out West Adventure, in addition to others on soil conservation, gardening, and living the vegan life that have been researched in the past (but not finished). Even our longed-for birding adventures have been notably absent since June.

That’s how you know we’re engaged in more important stuff — when we’re not birding.

Many of you reading this are new to DirtNKids and curious on how to find the most popular content on this site. There’s the handy time-line of Top Posts on a page that you can easily access from the About … -> Blog Posts drop-down menu. Annual post themes change as we morph and grow in the best people we can be, and content is regularly updated there.

For convenience, however — mine, really — I added a tag called Top Posts that anyone can access from the right column right on the home page, in the Little Dirt Piles (Tags) section:

DirtNKids’ All-time Top Posts

A past post earns its place here when it reaches 30 or more likes from fellow WordPress bloggers. Many of these posts were reached via specific content searches on Google or WordPress which increased readership accordingly. Unlike others, we aren’t linked to social media like Twitter or Facebook to further increase shares and readership, and this is a relatively lightly-treaded blog. There have been just over 28,000 hits in the seven years we’ve been on WordPress, and there are just over 30 posts currently enjoying their positions at the top.

It’s fun seeing them all in one place. Like a trophy shelf!

These are a very good snapshot of what we’re about, and for the most part, they represent not only who we are but what we’re about both then now. For me, clicking the tag is a bit like time-traveling and it makes me smile.

Go ahead. Click. See if makes you smile too!

So as we continue to get back to life as usual, blogging is still not a priority. The once-per-week posting is just not happening. My best to you all, and you know how to reach me in the interim. Cheers!

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog

7 thoughts on “Quickie Update – September

    1. We are GOOD, Tanja. No damage whatsoever, if you don’t count the week stuck at home. Spent the day today switching the office and classroom (up to down, down to up), part boredom, part planning for the next (possible) flood. Nice to do something productive for a change!

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    1. It’s horrible, Courtney. The city is still swamped in ever corner. Ventured out for the first time today — in over a week. It ALMOST feels normal again. Thanks for coming by, and I’m so glad Harvey didn’t hurt you!

      Liked by 1 person

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