New Sub-Menu: ‘Building Bird(er) Brains’

Hello fellow birders,

Though I’m still not back to writing blog posts (it seems I may never be), I did whip-up a page of information — field guides, the binoculars I use, useful phone apps, Internet links — for those of you who are as interested in birding as we are. Just go to the blog and click on Birding -> Building Bird(er) Brains, or if you’re lazy like me here’s the link.

The resources on this page have helped me numerously, and I’m certain I myself will be visiting on a very regular basis, provided life lets loose of my shirt collar for a bit. I’m sure the birds will wait for me.

Happy Autumn, people, and … above all for those who still can … Happy Birding!

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids

2 thoughts on “New Sub-Menu: ‘Building Bird(er) Brains’

  1. Well, well… When I went to work this morning, I just was getting out of the car when I heard an unusual, very clear call that went on and on. I knew some of the birds it wasn’t, but I didn’t know what it was, even though it seemed familiar.

    I just went over to the Cornell site, and in their handy-dandy search box I typed, “four note bird call.” It was a Carolina chickadee! I really like the way they have that page for identifying calls and songs set up, too. A few minutes every day with that page will make it easier to identify by call out in the field. I’ve got your page bookmarked, too — thanks!


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