Re-Post: ‘Get Local If You Don’t Want To Get Dirty’

No surprises today. I’m still not back to blogging. Even a little bit. So for today I’m re-posting something I wrote waaaay back in 2012 when blogging was fresh and new and WordPress peeps were a very chatty lot (judging from comments, not ‘likes’).

Am I working on getting things together in my own garden? Sadly — like blogging — no. Sitting at a computer or poring through reference books? Sure. Building PowerPoints and making fun games for kids? Definitely. I also get to enjoy a couple hundred smiling faces every week while I play (I still won’t call it work) in their gardens.

I think that makes up for my slacking here.

One of the lessons I stress for my kids is finding food other than what’s grown in your yard, sold at the corner grocery: local farms. Thanks to a resurgence in all things ‘sustainable,’ you can thank your grocer for increasingly providing veggies from their farms, but you don’t have to pay the middle man. Save your money and go straight to the source.

We owe our local farmer, Bubba, a great deal of gratitude not only for his delicious, nutritious edibles over the years, but for his wealth of knowledge in stewarding soil.

Selfies: Awkward And Fun
Farmer ‘Bubba’ and Shanna Banana

Bubba, the kids, and I won’t mind if you go to the blog and learn why it’s good to eat whole foods, closer to healthy soil — and develop a real relationship with your food close to home.

We have never regretted doing this. You won’t either.