Earth Day and Repost: ‘Love Is In The Air (Sound!)’

Hi Readers,

As we have been spending lots and lots of time outdoors — working gardens, cleaning around the yard, looking for migratory bird species — we see Nature working her magic (exchanging of genetic material to secure the future of species) all out in the open for frequent viewing (parents) and gawking (kids). Only humans bother to close the doors for privacy; the rest of the world just gets down to it. (So glad that’s the case.)

Here is another re-post from 2016, this one with sound (a song, not a nature sound-byte) so turn up your speakers. I promise looking at a little nature porn will not get you in trouble.

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids

Happy Earth Day
April 22, 2018

This year the focus on Earth Day is to end plastic pollution. Many plastics — soda straws, coffee stirrers, plastic bags forks/spoons — are used for mere seconds, then tossed to the landfill.

You make a difference with the little things you do, over and over again, every single day. Make every day Earth Day.