Shooting The Bird: Better Than A Pardon

Hi Readers,

For our fourth year now, DirtNKids family will be heading to the coast for our annual Thanksgiving celebration. As the rest of our extended family feel they must be consummate carnivores in order to celebrate gratitude, we opt out, choosing a friendlier, more compassionate day instead. So the tradition continues, literally and figuratively: Shooting the Bird At Thanksgiving.

Rather than carving up a 14-week-old poult carcass (yes, these are babies everyone is eating), we carve out time together, tearing into the flesh of bird field guides and look for the myriad wild birds that flock to the Gulf Coast in late autumn. I shoot these lovelies, not with a shotgun but with a 600mm long lens. These birds live our their lives as nature intends; they won’t require some silly pardoning by the president in order to freed by us. Why must we enslave others to begin with? As a bonus, everyone else is indoors and the beaches will be be devoid of people. The quiet, natural world is all ours just for a day.

If not this year, consider abandoning the unnecessary tradition of raising and killing a baby for gratitude. And have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog

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