Solstice Sisters

“Comparison is the death knell to sibling harmony.” ~ Elizabeth Fishel

This must the oldest sister on our property. She stands firm and tall, protecting, sometimes overbearing. She and her sister sibling are close, both in size and proximity. Their tops can be seen above the houses and other trees, nearly a quarter mile away.

The Cedar Waxwings love to be in their branches as their canopies shade the neighboring hackberry tree where they frequently dine this time of year.

The red-tinged leaves make the yellows of our yard ‘pop.’

Together, the Red Oak Sisters keep regular watch on the younger oaks and pecans on the creek side. They cling to their leaves well after the others have lost theirs, losing them after the days become the shortest.

Soon, the ladies will be naked like the others, waiting until spring .. forever together.

Merry Solstice!!

19 thoughts on “Solstice Sisters

  1. We had leaves on some of our trees until Dec as well. Our warm days seem to mess with the eco system and they don’t know what to do. I love having Camillias in bloom this time of year. It is nice to see color… and I am already wanting Spring. But I will take the 70 degrees on Dec 28 also~ 😉


    1. Glad you appreciate them, Belinda. It’s difficult not to put names to those we love most.

      In 2011 when the creek dried and we had a full year without rainfall (it was bad) the Sisters held on to their leaves. It was tough watching their stress play out, and I would regularly give them good long drip drinks from our well tank. Toward the end of that horrible year, we didn’t think they’d make it. To our pleasure and surprise, they did.

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  2. A truly delightful post, Shannon. These red oaks are so tall and stately, how fortunate to have them in your presence. And filled up with one of America’s most elegant birds, the cedar waxwings — sounds like a dreamy place to be. My warmest wishes to you for a happy solstice and holidays.


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