Pink (and Purple) Distractions

“Beautiful has never been my goal.” ~ Pink

How fitting is it that pinks and purples are the first of the year to show during the Month of Love?

Cauliflower Head

Sunrise Through The Sisters Canopy


Mustard Leaves
Great for breakfast!

Pink Jasmine Blossoms

Pink Jasmine
2018 freeze recovery (finally).

Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom
This tree may get cut down this month …


Where the warblers roam at the windows.


Get ready for spring hummers!

Redbud Blossom

A wash of pink is about to show.


Little color ‘pop-ups’ all over.

Blue Mist

Blue Mist
Flanking the front walkway.


Still going with no annual freeze.

Roseate Spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbills
(This photo was taken last year,
but we see them often.)

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29 thoughts on “Pink (and Purple) Distractions

      1. Over here, and I imagine where you are, wood sorrel flowers come in two colors, the other being yellow (though unlike anemones each species of wood sorrel produces flowers of only one color).


    1. Oh, poor guy just can’t get over his fungal infection. He struggles every year, and his canopy is getting smaller and smaller. The previous home owners also planted him in an odd place; he doesn’t have enough room to grow.

      He’s still there for now. But his days are probably numbered. 😦


    1. Thank you, Belinda! I’ve been away from the blog longer than I thought; forgive the late reply. Saw this today which completely explains Texas’ strange spring-y winter weather. Not complainin.’

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  1. It is SO fitting, Shannon. I love those spoonbills. At the end of last Sunday’s episode of CBS Sunday Morning, the Moment of Nature showed some in flight, and there wings were so incredibly pink and beautiful!
    I hope you are well.


    1. We see them fly over occasionally. Can’t miss them! Like cotton candy with spoonbill handles .. I could just eat ‘em up.

      PS – Migration is right around the corner. I hope you have plans for birding the Gulf Coast flyway come April. Can’t wait!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am so envious, Shannon.
        As far as travel plans, we are still trying to figure out when to go Germany, since we couldn’t make it last year. Depending on ticket prices, I might not be able to do both this spring. But I can assure you, that I dream about being at the Texas Gulf Coast during migration. I think I would be on cloud nine!


      2. It is pretty amazing, which is why there’s not a whole lot else we do the whole month of April. I do hope you make it, but if you don’t I completely understand! However it turns out, we hope to at least see you and Mike again for a bit at GoG or MSP in March.

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      3. I can relate, Shannon. Most days I would like to do nothing better than bird, but especially during migration.
        Let us know when and where you might have time to get to get together. Not much longer! I know you are getting excited about your trip. March will be here before we know it.


    1. It was warm enough .. right up until this weekend. Rescued 20 monarch caterpillars to inside so they can have a chance; the other 60 or so got relocated to another milkweed plant (the one they were on was denuded of leaves).

      I sure hope they survived the cool temps! At least I can put a jacket on.

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  2. All lovely, but the mustard greens are especially attractive. Is the blue mist a cultivar of some sort? It doesn’t seem to look like what I see when I’m out and about.

    And now, for the confession from someone who apparently is under a larger rock than she realized. When I saw the quotation from “Pink” I wondered, “So when is a color giving interviews?” I’m better informed, now. I’d never heard of the singer/songwriter named Pink. Good grief.


    1. Blue mist is a cultivar for urban flower beds and such I think; it has been right where it is for years now. (I only plant new annuals/perennials when something doesn’t come back unexpectedly.) It is similar (perhaps closely related?) to that of the wild version I see blooming in BBSP’s fields.

      On Pink, name aside, she has some pretty awesome tunes (‘Try’ is one sung here often.) I relate with the rebel in her. 😀

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