School Choice, Autism and the On-Line Curricula

Yesterday ended School Choice Week 2015.  As these are crazier times for me with four at home for public school, it came and went as anything else in my life.  The blog post may be a day late, but it is certainly not a dollar short.

You may know we have four children.  What you may not know is that one of them is autistic.

You can probably guess that school choice was very important to us.  It helped us to fine-tune a more rounded education for all our children, not just an autistic one.  Thanks to improved interaction with teachers, classrooms, and parents with a new school (Texas Connections Academy @ Houston) as well as flex-time to spend mastering each topic, each of our children are thriving in the on-line school — general ed and special ed alike.

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Top Ten: Why Virtual is the Word for Public School

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”  ~ Sydney J. Harris

This post has been a long time coming.  It was more than two years ago we made the decision to break social tradition (yes, again) and move our kids from brick-and-mortar school into the virtual world for public education.  Last year, only our oldest — the middle schooler — came home while the other three remained at their elementary school.  This year, however, they all came over, and what a fantastic journey it’s been.

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Feeding Soil and Souls

Fall is a time for maintenance. Just as the trees of our property are winding down, closing their factory doors one dropped-leaf at a time, so are we getting things in order to go dormant for the winter. Juggled into the daily sorting through boxes of stuff that held us together in apartment living over the summer was the slightly more unpleasant task of purging unused items from our home closets and attic spaces.This took some time — and patience — and aside from the stemware staged on the dining table which awaits glass shelving in the new kitchen, all is either put away or staged to go away. The best news is the pile of stuff that’s getting passed on is very, very big.

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