Black Friday and Reaching 250

Following a full day of birding fun on Thanksgiving, everyone got a good night’s rest. Mom and Dad arose early, awoken by the Wood Ducks calling from down the creek.  It’s time to get moving; there’s much to be done. Some days, it would be nice to migrate to another climate, have a change of scenery as it were — like the birds do.  But no, our ancestors quit migrating eons ago.  With a house, taxes, a job nearby, we are perpetually married to the properties we secure.  We all do the best we can with what we’ve got.

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The Color of Fall

“Think outside, box optional.” ~ Unknown

leaf color chemistry experiment instructographic

Thank you to our school, Connections Academy,
for this cool instructographic,

…and for making learning fun again!

When a Kid Gets a Camera

Where is that SD card?  

The new camera arrived! It’s been a long time coming, and now it was time to play. But I needed a storage card. Hm…let me see where I can find one.

I rummaged through drawers, camera bag, any place I thought one might be. The last time I remembered using one was transferring John’s schoolwork from a crippled computer to ne that worked (so he could finish his assignment). We even used them to mail pictures to Granny before she passed. I know there are several in this house, why is it that a thing is never in its place when I need it?

A couple of Christmas’ ago, Scottie got a pocket camera. There’s bound to be an SD card in that. We last used it hiking during our Out West Adventure. I hoped I could put my hands on the camera…

Bingo! Out it came from the PowerShot and I placed it into the new Canon EOS body.

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Feeding Soil and Souls

Fall is a time for maintenance. Just as the trees of our property are winding down, closing their factory doors one dropped-leaf at a time, so are we getting things in order to go dormant for the winter. Juggled into the daily sorting through boxes of stuff that held us together in apartment living over the summer was the slightly more unpleasant task of purging unused items from our home closets and attic spaces.This took some time — and patience — and aside from the stemware staged on the dining table which awaits glass shelving in the new kitchen, all is either put away or staged to go away. The best news is the pile of stuff that’s getting passed on is very, very big.

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