Repost: ‘Happy Independence Day (The Vegan Way)’

‘Freedoms are never free.’ This is what we tell our kids hoping that it sticks well into the future, when they’re out of our sight and living their lives fully on their own. Freedom in America must be maintained and managed, it is too often taken for granted by every one of us.

Have you forgotten where we (whites) came from?

Photo credit: Without Reservations

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Repost: ‘On Honoring and Liberation: Sweet, Tangy Kale Salad’

We hope you have enjoyed a safe Memorial Day weekend thus far; many of you may be on the way back from visiting away from home. As we switch into full-on summer mode, we hope you will join us in celebrating life and love by leaving cruelty off your plates and out of your lives.

To help you in that end, we hope that you will consider this repost from last year. It includes a printable recipe card of one of our favorite cold salads,, and yes .. it’s  easy. So easy, even an 11-year-old can make it.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend ..
and welcome, Summer Break!

Community Bath


“We know too much, and what might have been excused in other times can no longer stand up to reason. With that understanding comes moral responsibility.”  ~ Wayne Pacelle

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Mish Mash Monday – May 2

After a year-long absence, Mish Mash Monday is back! I have to have some place to store all the great things I’ve discovered, rather than ‘working them into’ a regular post. As there is usually other media embedded, MMM will require a click away to the blog. Sorry, email readers.

As a general rule they will stick to DirtNKids’ regular Categories and Tags, including Gardening, Birding, Nature, and (naturally) Veganism. Whatever it is, connecting with our planet and a better future in it is important to us. Perhaps it is for you as well. Enjoy!

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog

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