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If you’re into social media like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, weblog (blog) posts are similar to a status update or Tweet, only there are fewer of them and they are generally longer than 100 characters. They are a collective snapshot of a very real life, a window into our world with nature in the classroom.

WordPress’ Edin is optimized for PC’s with flat screens, but easily read from a phone or tablet. Posts are delivered in full via email, requiring no ‘click away’ to the blog unless a video or sound byte is embedded. It it designed to come back to and browse anytime — your convenience.

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2017 Top Posts

Year five of blogging, gardening and birding still take top priority. A ‘Dirt Play’ menu item is added to the home page and capable kids — who are becoming teens and young adults — take second fiddle to playing outside.

2016 Top Posts

Targeted ads get removed from post, decreasing ‘clutter’ and increasing content focus. A life of running a school, tending a vegetable garden, birding in the off-times, and generally being outdoors and learning about our world continues as usual.

2015 Top Posts

We loved doing the Birding Big Year so much, we decided to do it again! Only this time, we explored new places, went looking for specific bird species, and started logging species counts into Cornell University’s citizen science project, Merging two blogs became priority to simplifying an expanding digital life — DirtNKids and GreensForGood are now one.

  • Birding Blind…Chair Optional. I finally learn how to put sound in a post!
  • The Christmas That Wasn’t. Readying for a few years, we finally put the skids on the consumption holiday…and survived.
  • Mish Mash Monday – March 2. DirtNKids’ first every product giveaway — a producer-provided Dirt! The Movie DVD. Super fun.
  • We Are All Animals. Pondering thoughts about how humans are really species-centric in their ‘compassion’ choices, we remember Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and his civil rights legacy. Slavery still exists today — it’s call food.
  • Dr. Deb Interview – Keyhole Garden. I found an interesting video of my favorite keyhole expert, Dr. Deb Tolman. Someone linked to it on their Facebook and it quickly became my top post ever. The keyhole is an amazing garden.

2014 Top Posts

Birding was high on the agenda as we took on our first Birding Big Year challenge. A vegan lifestyle — avoiding exploitation of others and abstention from American customs that profit from the trend — is fully in focus.

2013 Top Posts

With a new school at home and less time to spend outdoors, photography and hanging out among the trees becomes our center.

2012 Top Posts

With four children off at school every day and with volunteer duties still at a minimum, I get busy puttering around in the garden and growing food with purpose.

  • Stealing Trash – A New High. I learn to be sneaky about re-purposing others’ yard waste into soil for my yard.
  • Learning To Garden. My failures and successes are equally important in caring for soil. I urge new gardeners to welcome failures as a part of the growing process.
  • Relaxed And Not So Batty, Part 2. Mr. and Mrs. Dirt spend a weekend learning about bat conservation and witness 20 million bats leaving a roost.
  • Keyhole – The Smarter Garden. I discover the trick to making soil, raising beds, conserving water, re-purposing waste and eliminating pests…all in one convenient spot.